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Five Reasons People do Business with PSG

There’s a new leader

Cut down on the time it takes to learn your team’s dynamics, strengths, communication style and management needs.

Teams recognize they need to work better.

When things just aren’t working well, find out the core conflicts to build trust for whole team buy-in and participation.

You need the right person in the right seat.

Get help qualifying a person who will fit the job and lift the chemistry on your team.

Building a project team

Predict the dynamics of a new team and build trust before committing them to a long-term project dependent on their collaboration.

Demonstrate commitment to growing your people.

Invest in meaningful professional development to create an environment that attracts and retains the best talent.

Our Services

Kolbe™ System Consulting

Uncover the natural, unchangeable creative instincts that shape the way each of us approaches work, life and beyond. Create a shared and visual language for communications in your workplace to maximize the talents of every team member.

Consulting for Teams

Do more and better work with a team that knows how to effectively communicate, collaborate and trust one another. We will help your team address root conflicts and capitalize on strengths to create happier, more fulfilled employees.

Individual Coaching

Unlock your greatest potential with executive coaching, personal brand development and professional practices that reduce stress and improve individual performance.

Right Person - Right Seat

We’ll help you match and develop critical hires to fit role expectations and enhance the chemistry of your team. This includes c-suite roles, upper management, team members and board seats.

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Featured Client Stories

Make Every Team You Are On… Better | Tulip Time

Make Every Team You Are On… Better | Tulip Time

In an interview with Gwen Auwerda, Executive Director of Tulip Time Festival, she shared the benefits of working with PSG. The Tulip Time team is all of six staff and two contractors. Yet through their combined efforts, this top festival in the world attracts over...

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Kolbe System™

Kolbe provides a diagnostic Index and a visual language for helping individuals understand their natural, unchangeable instincts and how to leverage them to improve productivity. Backed by over 40 years of scientific research and validation, Kolbe is unique in its direct application to the realm of work and workplace development.


Choosing Gratitude

Have you ever reflected on your life and felt fortunate? That’s gratitude.  This is the season for reflection, for feeling fortunate and being grateful for the good that has come your way.  But wait—not everything happening for you right now is good. ...

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What’s Your Intangible

What’s Your Intangible

How we perform at work, better or worse, is based on who we are around.   At home, at work and at play, there really is no escaping the positive or negative effect that others have on virtually every aspect of our lives.  This is called Spillover. ...

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On the “Madness” of Perceived Partner Responses

On the “Madness” of Perceived Partner Responses

One of the hardest things a team has to do is work together. That seems fairly harsh, but it is a true reality, precisely because getting along takes work. Basketball is one of a few true team sports. Not only do you have to have skills and precision to...

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