Consulting for Teams

Who’s Around Your Table for Business Success?

We are deeply experienced in team and organizational development. Whether you’re experiencing a change of leadership, forming a new team or looking to breathe new life into a stagnant workgroup, we take a results-driven approach to meeting your goals. Clients across the country know and trust us as the go-to resource for building strong teams. We’ll help you create and implement plans that improve team performance, employee retention and profitability.

Why Team Consulting?

Do more and better work with a team that knows how to communicate, collaborate and trust one another. Learning together as a team creates team ownership over changes and offers a common language for conversations going forward.

We will work with your team to anticipate and reduce stress, capitalize on strengths and create happier, more fulfilled employees.

Team Consulting Services

While much of our team building work integrates aspects from the Kolbe System™ and individual coaching practices, our core services include:

  • Seven-Stage Team Development
  • Kolbe TeamSuccess® Seminar with A, B & C Indexes
  • Workstyle differences and conflict management
  • Enhancing Team Communication
  • Building Team Collaboration
  • Accelerating Team Trust
  • Improving Team Meetings

See the Results

When You are Ready to Reimagine Team Dynamics

Collaboration amongst consultants from different regional branches and between our GR based headquarters and a field of offices across the state is critical, and yet it is a constant challenge due to the vast geography of Michigan.

When Highly Productive Teams are Essential

In anticipation of great staff turnover (51% of staff in less than three years), and with moving from a more traditional reporting style to matrix management where all staff would work in teams, the RCA leadership began asking the questions: How do we put the best teams together? and how do we function well, based on the staff God has provided? Our ten year vision was also ending and the way in which the church was resourced would be changing, therefore each staff member’s role would be changing from a Serving model to an Equipping model. This would require a whole new skill set. We understood this would be drastic and painful. We also had created our new vision: Transformed and Transforming, and there was optimism around that.

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