Our Story

After reading about the development of the Kolbe A™ Index in 1990, Mari Martin founded Performance Strategies Group (PSG) to help industry leaders, family businesses and nonprofits build strong teams and remarkable workplace cultures.

As we grew, a personal passion surfaced to work with Christian businesses, ministries, and church staff.  As a result of that work, PSG came to stand not only for Performance Strategies Group, but also for People Serving God.

Headquartered in Holland, MI but working with businesses both locally and nationally, we have helped over 26,000 employees grow more engaged, connected, and successful in their work.

Mari Martin

Founding Partner, Kolbe Certified™ Master Team Consultant

Mari D. Martin is the founding partner of Performance Strategies Group, Inc. (PSG). In 1990 she became one of the first consultants worldwide to be trained as a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant. She is also among a few select consultants who have been named as a Kolbe Certified™ Master Team Consultant.

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Mari’s background is in communications where she spent nine years working in media sales for newspaper, radio and magazine groups.  However, she found her passion when she transferred her communication background into corporate training and leadership development 36 years ago.

Mari is the author of the book, Come Home Alive, published in 2021, which chronicles the first cancer journey for her husband, Chris.  “We want to inspire, encourage, and help support others through the peaks and valleys—those awful ups and down—to understand that through the power of knowing how to work together, pray, believe, be grateful and thankful and yes, to ask for and expect a miracle, that you too can come home alive,” says Martin.       

 Mari is the first recipient of the Mari Martin Award presented annually by the Lakeshore Alliance Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, as well as the first recipient of the Kolbe Professional Award presented by Kolbe Corp in 2013.  In 2021 she received The Founder’s Award presented by Kathy Kolbe for Sharing the Passion to Make a Difference in the World.  She has served on several non-profit and faith-based Boards of Directors in the Holland, MI community where she has lived since 1983.

 Mari has a passion for long distance running and has trained for and run in eight marathons since 2006.  She is an avid reader, golf enthusiast and football fan.  She enjoys spending time with her retired husband Chris, who brags about his improved golf game.  They have three adult sons, two daughters-in-law, and welcome all opportunities to spend time with their granddaughter.