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“You have had an amazing impact on your entire community, Mari.  I’m proud that you’ve used the Kolbe System™ as a part of that process.  I also fully realize that it is when a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant uses my work well that it offers the greatest benefits.  As one of the few people in the world who has earned the title of Kolbe Certified™ Master Team Consultant, you prove the difference one person can make in the purposefulness and prosperity of many.”

Kathy Kolbe

Founder, Kolbe Corp, Phoenix Arizona

“We refer to our profiles and utilize the language with each other every day.  Assignments are analyzed and given to the right people.  There are so many bi-products of our work together with PSG creating this team, but the outcomes we can’t measure in dollars, are that you have helped us create a very trusting organization.”

Gwen Auwerda

Executive Director, Tulip Time Festival, Holland Michigan

“What I see as your differentiator is that you don’t deliver for a ‘short term fix,’ but systemic change.  I don’t know that I see anyone else offering that product.  I think you ‘own’ identifying talents and forming teams.”

Jane Clark

President, West Coast Chamber of Commerce, Holland Michigan

“Knowing my natural tendencies and how to review my energy levels is a gift that the Kolbe index has given me.  Relationships are deeper and more meaningful when I understand others from the Kolbe lens.  I believe physical, spiritual, and mental health is positively fed when you can understand your instinctive nature.  This insight has helped me discover meaningful work opportunities, benefited my career, and created success for the projects and programs I have been fortunate to be a part of over the years.”

Lynn Kotecki

Executive Director, Movement West Michigan, Holland Michigan

“After thirty years of professional experience in the church, including having been the CEO of a $50 million international non-profit, I thought I’d pretty much figured out my strengths and weakness. Yet, because of the unique insights about motivations Kolbe provides, and specifically Mari’s deliberative listening, I grew significantly. Wow! None of us is exempt from our stewardship obligation to invest in curating our best selves. We all can boost our leadership impact at home, in ministry, at work, and as I’ve done thanks to Kolbe, in the academic setting in which I now serve.”

Reverand John Arthur Nunes

President, Concordia College, Bronxville New York

“You helped me change my life. In a short amount of time, I learned strength, faith in myself, and the confidence to trust and listen to God.
I learned more about the importance of being stellar, showing true strength, and being thankful in times of trouble.
These notes hang above my kitchen sink: Be Stellar—Be Focused—Be Forgiving—Be Kind—Be Grace and Be Grateful—Be Amazing—Be a Gift—Be Clear and Confident in your Words.

I thank God for bringing you and that experience with you, into my life.”

Rebecca Stephens


I have taken several assessments over the years, and among them the Kolbe profile has been the most helpful in terms of understanding the different ways that people instinctively work. I have appreciated how Crossroads Prison Ministries uses it to not only onboard new staff, but also help improve team dynamics. I highly recommend Mari!

Wendy Hammond

Executive Director to the President's Office, Crossroads Prison Ministries

“I have come to rely on the expert guidance of the PSG team as we make hiring decisions.   The Kolbe System is a wonderful tool in helping us match the natural instincts of our candidates with the needs of our organization.”

Jay Wielenga

VP of Advancement, Northwestern College, Orange City Iowa

“Working at Good Sam has taught me how to collaborate.  Working with Mari and understanding our organization’s strengths and capabilities through the Kolbe Indexes has taught me to ask, ‘who do I need on this team now?’  I have learned so much about how teams work, think and get results together.”

Linda Jacobs

Retired Executive Director , Good Samaritan Ministries

Here at Lakeshore Advantage we have used many tools to unearth individual potential and fit to the job, but the Kolbe A™ Index is the first tool I have found to really zero in on a person’s capacity to meet expectations.  It provides the specifics that have previously been unclear.”

Angela Huesman

Chief Operating Officer, Lakeshore Advantage

“The Knowledge I have gained through the Kolbe tool and coaching from PSG has been invaluable.  I have a strong track record of coaching, counseling and developing talent, and the application of my experience with Kolbe and “natural talent” has been key to my success.”

Kristi Stepp

Sigred Solutions, Owner

“Thank you for your time and expertise over the past year in helping the College Advancement staff to better know ourselves and each other.  Every day and each hour has been rewarding and educating in so many ways.  This last session was noted by some as “the best session ever” as it pertained to understanding the chemistry of our staff and the potential that we can unlock when we best utilize the skills, strengths, and energies of our group.

On a personal note, I have found your independent counsel and advice to be immeasurable.  Thank you for the coaching that you have offered and the thoughtfulness that you have given to me and to Hope College.”

Scott Wolterink

Past VP of Advancement, Hope College, Holland Michigan

“Over the years I have had the opportunity to participate in several outside consulting processes whose intent was to help teams better understand their dynamics and offer insights on potential areas of improvement.  I have experienced none that yielded results which were as realistic and practical as we have experienced with Mari and her team at PSG using the Kolbe process.  The insights provided by this process provide great tools for helping us to use the full complement of our team and be cognitive of areas where we need to fill the gaps.”

Steve Bowerman

General Manager, APEX Controls, Hudsonville MI

Although it’s been twenty years since I took the simple Kolbe, I’m still amazed how accurately it sums me up.  My team and I worked with Mari and the Kolbe testing.  It is the best team building tool I know!  Incredibly useful professionally and personally.”


Kate Moynihan, Artist
Tulip Time Festival 2022 Art Winner
“Bursting with Color”

“Since Mari coached me on the things I procrastinate and what to do about it, I have implemented her suggestions and minor changes. It is so much easier for me to deliver the necessary reports my consulting work requires. I’ve been using the Kolbe Commitment Triangle.™ It helps me organize my work week. I put it right in my bullet journal. It’s a great tool to help me focus on the important work things, along with family, home life and meal planning too!

Erin Ehinger-4384

Production Support Specialist, Provimi

“What a Eureka moment. I realized I’m not indecisive or constantly moving on, but it’s that I thrive on variety and am bored with routine. So freeing….no more guilt! I love learning new things and you explained everything in such a fun and informative way. Thank you for opening my eyes.”

Kathy Van Faassen


“Over the last 10 years at Faith Church, I have taken multiple personality test.  While they are all interesting, none of them proved to be so applicable.  I was pleasantly surprised at how encouraging this particular process was.  Plus, your clear communication and competent leadership made a huge difference.  It was interactive, helpful and enjoyable.  Great Work!”

Ryan Matthysse

Worship Leader, Faith Church, Dyer Indiana

“PSG has helped the Ferox consulting team with an operating language that minimizes workplace conflicts, recognizes how to bridge differing communication needs, and gives people a lot more room as long as base expectations are being met.  It has been life changing.”

Steve Johnson

Chief Operating Officer, Ferox Consulting, Grand Rapids Michigan

“Working with Mari Martin was an absolute delight.  She makes the meetings about you and your needs.  She is always prepared and has a plan in place, but allows for flexibility to address your questions.  The value I received through our personal coaching sessions was a greater understanding of how others work and communicate.  This empowers our organization to move beyond simply having meetings and conversation to creating a smoother path to resolution, implementation and growth.”
Dave Weavers

Senior Forensic Engineer, Nederveld

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