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Hiring Consulting

For focused organizations that value smooth transitions and continued growth, we fulfill a vital role in matching and developing critical organizational roles at all levels of an organization. We’ll work with you to identify your team’s dynamic strengths and needs, define the role you need to fill, and help you make a smarter selection based on applicant’s instinctive strengths. There may be many applicants who are competent for the role, but very few who will create the right chemistry as well.

Why Get Consulting for Hiring?

A great hire – the right person in the right seat – can catapult a team forward to success like rocket fuel. Likewise, a bad hire can damage productivity, financial returns and trust for months or even years.

Our team has over 32 years’ experience in helping organizations navigate these sensitive times of transition with a proven process that ensures an organizational and team fit far before you get to Day 1. This makes for a smoother transition at less cost and increased employee retention.

Right Person – Right Seat Services

Whether it’s a key player on a growing project team, a new executive position or a CEO transition, we can help you fill the role:

  • Board member, Executive and C-suite Consulting
  • Talent screening and matching
  • RightFit™ diagnostics for potential hires
See the Results

Featured Client Story

Congressman Huizenga Selects the Right People for the Right Roles

With most small businesses, you get to add new members one at a time as your business grows. As the newly elected U. S. Congressman in Michigan’s second district, Congressman William Huizenga needed to go from a staff of 0 to 18 in a nanosecond.

“Having personally experienced continued success with how PSG uses Kolbe, I had great confidence that together we would be able to select the right people, get them into the right roles, and put the right teams together.”

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