Author: Mari D. Martin

Keep your Values, Change your Practices

Fanny That. Ever since the Chicago Marathon 2007 I have carried a fanny pack with a bottle of fluids no matter how long I will run.  Three miles, five miles or more, the fanny pack with the fluids is always there, I have multiple packs.  This marathon...

Words of Encouragement for these times

We are here with you and want to offer words of encouragement.  Three words come to mind:  resolute, unwavering and resilient.  Those who master resilience accept what comes at them with flexibility, rather than rigidity.  We will get through...
Be Life Changing

Be Life Changing

In an interview with Steve Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of Ferox Consulting, a Grand Rapids based IT firm, part of the Huizenga Group, he shared the personal benefits of working with PSG. His Answer: It was Life-Changing.