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With most small businesses, you get to add new members one at a time as your business grows.  As the newly elected U. S. Congressman in Michigan’s second district, I needed to go from a staff of 0 to 18 in a nanosecond.


Having personally experienced continued success with how PSG uses Kolbe, I had great confidence that together we would be able to select the right people, get them into the right roles, and put the right teams together.

The first step in this process was completing a Kolbe C™ Index (identifies and provides vocabulary for what I reward and expect in performance) for each role.  We then had each potential staffer complete the Kolbe A™ Index and compared these results to ensure there was a fit to the job, fit to the potential team, and fit to me as the team leader.


PSG’s work with our team helped us ‘plug and play.’  On day one we had three district offices open and ready to go with people knowing what their roles and responsibilities were.  We were light years ahead of other freshman counterparts.

Now, our mix of talents is coming together nicely.  Outside as well as inside the team, we are in sync with each other.  Our office staff is using what we learned with PSG.  We have a framed poster with everyone’s name and Kolbe results in full view–so it’s at the top of our minds.

William Huizenga

PSG has helped me to serve my district better because it has allowed me to focus on broader issues and better service.  We are more efficient, faster and easier for constituents to connect with.  I don’t have to worry about our organizational structure; I trust it.

What are your team’s needs and how can we help you?

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