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In anticipation of great staff turnover (51% of staff in less than three years), and with moving from a more traditional reporting style to matrix management where all staff would work in teams, the RCA leadership began asking the questions: How do we put the best teams together? and how do we function well, based on the staff God has provided?

Our ten year vision was also ending and the way in which the church was resourced would be changing, therefore each staff member’s role would be changing from a Serving model to an Equipping model. This would require a whole new skill set. We understood this would be drastic and painful. We also had created our new vision: Transformed and Transforming, and there was optimism around that.


We needed to:

  • Understand how people tick
  • Assess our current reality
  • Understand what might likely happen when teams came together around their initiatives
  • Understand what talents might be missing in these teams
  • Understand what a good fit would be for certain positions

We wanted to help our staff members be successful through this transition and beyond. We engaged with Performance Strategies Group (PSG) to help us with these diagnostics and staff development needs.


  • We now have a language of understanding around similarities and differences
  • We have a framework for working with each other
  • We have guidelines for delegation and assignment of tasks by understanding who will be energized and who won’t be energized
  • We understand who needs to be at the table for brainstorming, discussions, problem solving and making essential decisions
  • We know how to be more prepared to serve team mates’ communication needs
  • We are providing more grace and mercy to each other
  • Teams are moving forward at a reasonable pace
  • Lots of ideas with the appropriate balance are getting implemented
  • Every Transformed and Transforming initiative is documented, recorded, published and there is greater accountability
  • There is a sense of feeling valued and appreciated
  • People are balanced and energized
  • People understand this common language and are stepping up to support others where they might need support and things removed from their “plate”
  • Through this understanding and practice there is further intimacy and connection as a team

What are your team’s needs and how can we help you?

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