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For city and county governments, the stakes of a bad hire are extremely significant.


PSG introduced the County of Ottawa to the Kolbe RightFit™ for selecting new hires. For the county, the Kolbe System™ represents the missing link in our hiring “toolbox.”


Knowing how we are “hardwired” takes a lot of the subjectivity out of the hiring process, and Kolbe provides a better tool to determine fit than the many psychological testing methods that I have used.

We are now using the services of PSG for our hiring process, professional development, teambuilding, project assignments, and team compositions and are having success on all fronts.

In 2013 our county Commissioners approved a development initiative called, “The Ottawa County Way.”  It includes four key components:  Communication—Customer Service—Creativity—Culture.  Because of our success with PSG and Kolbe at our senior and manager level, we have contracted with them to provide Kolbe TeamSuccess® sessions for our remaining 850 employees as a component of this countywide professional development plan.

Al Vanderberg
County Administrator

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