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Collaboration amongst consultants from different regional branches and between our GR based headquarters and a field of offices across the state is critical, and yet it is a constant challenge due to the vast geography of Michigan.


PSG used the Kolbe A™, Kolbe B™, and Kolbe C™ Indexes with the goal of strategically placing, strengthening, and aligning our regional directors, therein increasing communication and collaboration throughout the state.


We implemented a number of changes on varying levels of the company, which ultimately led to cohesive statewide communication, overwhelming energy and collaboration from cross regional teams, and elevated levels of productivity in individual offices for MiSBTDC:

  • Increased Effectiveness in Team Project Management
    PSG fostered team building and communication amongst our State Headquarters team of six to build and maintain a connected management team.
  • Synergized Core Team
    PSG assisted us in hiring a new employee for our State Headquarters who was not only the best skilled person, but also the right “fit” to join our team.
  • Effective Office Operation
    PSG facilitated problem solving amongst employees, which addressed performance issues and resulted in streamlined work, saved time, and better end results.
  • Engaging Leadership
    Thanks to PSG, regional directors felt heard, well placed, and connected to their work.  This resulted in their strengthened collaborative work on committees, ad hoc groups, work teams, and projects.
  • Clients Benefited from Expertise of Multiple Consultants
    PSG strengthened local clusters of consultants to increase their comfort in co-counseling and team consulting.  Their collaboration resulted in better client care.

Carol Lopucki, Former State Director

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