100 of Something!!

Friends and Family,
One Hundred.  That can be taken in many contexts.  I received a grade of 100 on the math test.  I rode 100 miles on my bike.  I ran 100 miles in one month.  I gave it 100 percent.  No holding back.  They say that 100 represents energy that is self-determined, independent and with infinite potential.  An interesting fact about 100….if you take the first ten odd numbers and add them together, you get…..you guessed it—One Hundred!
Come Home Alive, the book I wrote to chronicle Chris’s first cancer journey has now been released for over 100 days.  It is building traction and we are being introduced to people that we would otherwise not meet.  There are some touching stories so far of how the words on those pages have impacted those currently managing their lives and their treatment; trying to beat this diagnosis and make it through to come home alive. 
One Hundred also has a very significant meaning for us here at PSG.  At the start of the year, we laid out a vision over the next three years to work with 100 companies that are committed to exposing every employee to the power of the Kolbe A™ Index.  For sure over the last 31 years, we have connected with many more companies than that—it’s actually close to 1100!  But making a commitment to work with every one of your employees, that is very different.  That is our goal over the next three years.  To seek out and find those leaders who have experienced the value and the difference and want each of their employees to have this “arrow in their quiver” as they work together, interact and collaborate with others, and manage others to help them reach their full potential.            
We have heard repeatedly that our work changes lives.  Another goal is to have 100 people express to us how their lives have been changed through our work together.  Steve Johnson, of Ferox Consulting did just that.  If your life has been changed, we absolutely want to hear your story.  Let us know your story!
And finally, I personally want to sell 100,000 books over the next three years.  With over 600,000 people in the US alone dying each year from cancer, there are countless lives that are affected by this disease.  If I can give anyone words of hope and inspiration—I want to do that.  To those out there who already have purchased it and gave it to someone they know or love…thank you!
Mari D. Martin