Satisfaction-A Deep Sense of Being Present

We have been traveling up to the pinnacle of experiences over the last few weeks!  The ALPS!
               A for Acknowledge
               L for Listen
               P for Play Improv
               S for Satisfaction  

What is it that gives you a sense of satisfaction?  Take a moment to think about that for you in this world of uncertainty, scarcity, isolation, and job loss or job change.  Give me the good cup of coffee, the exhilarating six-mile run, the wisdom-packed message from a famed pastor, helping others, and the idea that clicked and has turned into a viable solution.  We cannot serve others from an empty vessel.  Start with yourself so that you can help others find what gives them satisfaction.  Talk about it at your weekly team meeting.   
We live in a world today where satisfaction is hard to find.  Figure out every day what two or three things you will do for yourself.  What do experts say makes us satisfied?
1. Being hopeful and happy
2. Challenging ourselves to take it up a notch
3. Making a positive impact on someone else’s life
4. Taking care of ourselves
The fifth one though, is undoubtedly the most powerful indicator that we are leading satisfying lives—it is:
Career wellbeing (our jobs need to be satisfying, and for many they either do not have a job, or the one they have is not the one they had before).    
“If you don’t have the opportunity to regularly do something you enjoy…..the odds of having high wellbeing in other areas diminish rapidly.  People with high career wellbeing are more than twice as likely to be thriving in their lives overall”, says Tom Rath, author of Well Being. 
Right now there are many of us out there that are not thriving.  We are toiling–putting in much effort–but not feeling satisfaction in the effort.  When you are feeling discontent in your role five things could be happening: 
-Failure to understand the work requirements
-Failure to understand your natural strengths and giftedness
-Failure to understand when your job has shifted, changed, or morphed
-Failure to be patient
-Failure to prepare
Role Alignment is critical for the health and wellbeing of your team.  Leaders, this should be your primary focus as you head into the last months of 2020.  We want to help you with our Role Alignment Packages for Individuals and Teams.  We will focus on natural strengths, work requirements and how those may have shifted, changed, or morphed for your team members.  Please contact us.  We are here to serve the unique needs of your team.       
“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths so strong that it makes the system’s weaknesses irrelevant.” –Peter Drucker 
Have an EXTRA fantastic and satisfying day!

                                             Thank you!
                                                ~Mari & Monica