Come Home Alive Book released!

I am excited to announce the book that chronicle’s Chris’s first cancer journey is now released and available for purchase.  Through it, we want to inspire anyone with a cancer diagnosis and their caregiver to work together and focus their willpower in order to Come Home Alive.

It is fitting that it has been released this month as April is Head and Neck Cancer Awareness month.  Head, neck, and oral cavity cancer is now the 6th most common cancer in the world.  It is denoted by the beautiful ivory and burgundy ribbon so many of you wore in honor of Chris.

Chris is a casualty, and now carries the consequences of the HPV virus that turned into full on Stage Four squamous cell carcinoma in his throat back in 2013.  We want to share our story so that through prevention, vaccination of our next generation, and early detection of oral, head and neck cancers caused by this virus, that lives can be saved.  That in fact you can Come Home Alive.  

Our bigger mission though, is to be a beacon of light in the oftentimes shadow of darkness to all those who are on any cancer or health scare journey together.  With a child born today, it is predicted that one in every two females and one in every two males will experience a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.  Is it her, or is it me?  This is staggering.  Cancer.  It has been described as the emperor of all maladies.  It is unpredictable and that makes it a fierce and erratic foe to conquer.  We want to inspire, encourage, and help support others through the peaks and valleys–those awful ups and downs that bring on weeks of sleepless nights.  We want to help people understand that through the power of knowing how to work together, pray, believe, be grateful and thankful, and yes to ask for and expect a miracle, that you too can Come Home Alive.

Click on the book cover below to order the book