Create a Positively Memorable Experience

You sit down at a restaurant, and you are immediately greeted with a friendly smile and a jug of water, “what may I get you to drink?” Or, the bank representative looks you squarely in the eyes and puts away what she is working on to assist you in drafting a letter on your behalf to the credit card company letting them know you made a bill pay in error and you want the money returned–not accrued as a credit over several months. And then there is the unexpected delight of finding that there are even suds in the ball washer at the golf course on hole #4. 

Here are six ways to create a memorable customer experience: 

  • Attentiveness
  • Recognition
  • Personalization
  • Consideration
  • Appreciation
  • Delight

It’s really the little things that make big things happen in the customer service realm, as indeed in life.

We are acutely aware that it takes months, even years to establish trust, but one interaction is all it takes to erode it all. Every one of us has encountered the indifference of just one employee. Like the service attendant who says no even before you finish asking the question. Or the waitress at the brewery who refuses to give you $2.40 when you return the cans after enjoying the case of craft beer you purchased. Will you be back there? Probably not. But you did like the beer. 

This indifference is caused by one thing: Faulty Listening. Caring interactions are a result of listening before taking action. Don’t just take care of the customer, help the customer.

Years ago, we crafted a Service Vision. It is To Create a Positively Memorable Experience. At PSG, we strive daily to match our actions to that service vision. And right at the top of the tactics to execute on that vision is to listen. Our actions express the true extent of our commitments. 

Ask your employees to make a commitment to give their best in EVERY interaction. This effort will bear fruit. Yes, we all fall short of reaching the ultimate destination: perfect service with every customer, in all situations, at all times. But it is in striving to approach that destination that we grow into excellence. When we start by listening, we are making a great first step.    

As we move into the second half of 2022, our commitment is to create positively memorable experiences. Please let us know how we are doing. We welcome your feedback.