PSG can help you Build a Strengths Culture

Advantage—the meaning of advantage is to have a favorable circumstance or benefit; to gain superiority.  In these challenging times of complex and continual change, how can we differentiate ourselves?  How can we gain an advantage?  Clearly, we will gain this advantage through building a Strengths Culture and capitalizing on the immense talent on our teams.
For 31 years we have been leading and guiding both large and small companies, non-profits, faith-based organizations, and churches on how to capitalize on their strengths through integrating The Proven Kolbe System.™  We have impacted over 26,000 people during that time. 

The Kolbe A™ Index identifies the strengths and talents of those on your team.  People strive in natural patterns or MOs.  The Modus Operandi of the individual is ingrained; it’s an innate ability.  Therefore, you can trust it.  Because it doesn’t change, it is both predictable and reliable.  You know in advance what each team member is going to do.
When employees know their strengths, they can approach their roles with a new perspective—one that gives them joy and meaning in their work.  Managers and leaders can frame assignments and guide them into work that focuses on using those strengths every day.  Because Kolbe is an “operating language,” teams are better able to communicate effectively and accelerate how they talk with and work with each other.  Employees learn to understand their team DNA—how they will likely and not likely work together.  New team members can more quickly assimilate into a team, especially if their strength is one that has been missing and required for optimal results.


In a strengths culture, the clear advantage is the Power of Knowing—of knowing each other, who to count on, and what to expect from our collective talents. 
We want to help you identify and integrate your strengths.  Connect with us today.  We have 31 years of Proven results.