ALPS…Acknowledge…it’s as easy as that!

Average is no longer acceptable

We must do something extra, with an excellence that deserves attention.  We need to be thinking, “how can I add some chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry on top!” 
We do that by adding “presence” while we can’t be present with each other.  That means we must nail our first impression, and our second, and every singe connection that we have.  It starts by Acknowledging Others. 
Today in our remote working situation we are connecting many times through e-mail.  We must acknowledge the sender and let them know we have received their message.  You don’t have to give them an answer right then, but you do need to respond.  It sends a message of disrespect when you ignore the message and don’t respond within 24 hours.  Acknowledging others is the #1 customer service gesture.
When we are working apart from each other, team members feel disconnected—not in the loop.  Leaders must pay careful attention to promote belonging.  E-mail response is the single best predictor of whether employees are satisfied with their leader.  The longer it takes for a leader to respond to e-mails, the less satisfied people are with that leader.  Acknowledging demonstrates respect and professionalism.  It means you matter to me.  It gives you the “presence” that cements your impression to others.
We are headed for the ALPS—the pinnacle of experiences.  Look for upcoming segments on what L P and S stand for.  Have an EXTRA fantastic day!